Is there a generic for lexapro

There is also a huge difference between the generics that are manufactured by different companies. But if you start on the generic, your body won't know that it is not working better. Barb Votes:

Once you start taking it and like it, find the manufacturer for the one you prefer and stick with it! Louis, MO:

This is a part of the equation I have recently become familiar with. Somewhere in the middle of that time span the generic came out so I tried it so I could save money.

Are You Sure? I feel like my old self pre-nursing school.

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Is there a generic for lexapro. Depression Support

How many times a day can you take lexapro 10mg? Lexapro 10mg, can a change in generic brands make me feel weird?

Valium will give you a buzz, lexapro wont! I had the opposite affect on generic lexapro. It is available but not the same.

Sign In Site Map. You may want to read other blog posts regarding the new generic versus the original Lexapro. Lexapro and Suicide.

Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. I am on lexapro for a week now 5mg every night. I took one 20 mg Prozac and that covered ALL of my withdrawal symptoms.

Does lexapro effect cholesterol levels Read More. Has anyone had positive results beginning their treatment on the generic as opposed to just switching from name brand to generic? Skip to Content.

Electronic orange book: No bad reactions and total efficacy.

Does Lexapro affect nuvaring? Muy old Dr loved to over prescribe. What type of drug is Lexapro?

Read More. Go with the Generic unless you have money to waise. Chuck And no I do not claim to know it all.